EPS Prevails on Summary Judgment Motion

October 2020:

In defending a national furniture seller against negligence and warranty claims resulting from an alleged defective product and negligent installation, amongst other allegations, EPS was successful in defending in total these allegations, through the obtainment of Summary Judgment. Plaintiff contended a cervical fracture and future lifelong pain management treatment was necessitated due to Defendant’s negligence.

The EPS civil team, led by Barry Ponticello, zealously defended the seven figure potential matter, and prevailed on not only the Motion for Summary Judgment, but also on the Reconsideration of the same, which was heard, decided and finalized in September 2020.   An Award of costs was also obtained.

EPS, through its 3 offices, covers all of southern California in defending liability, workers’ compensation, maritime, and LHWCA/DBA/NAIF matters, as well as pursuing workers’ compensation subrogation.